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Born in United States
21 years
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Courtney Condolences October 7, 2008

Hello Camille,


I am very sorry about Sarina. I can personally relate to her situation as far as medication goes. It's dangerous for doctors to "guess" which medications may work. Sarina brought joy into your life and you should always hold on to that. She seemed to be a beautiful, bright-spirited person. I can understand how sometimes the pain is too much... I know she is happy and still watching over you, making sure you're alright. :)


Take care,


Nastacia Chavez Be Strong For Sarina June 2, 2008
I  just want to say my condolences to you and your family....I know how much she cared about you guys... She always took everything you tought her and told her in her heart...We use to talk all the time.....i just don't know why she did not call me this night or day.....She use to come to me for everything...I've been dreaming about her so much...We would talk about everything.....even if it was in the middel of the night...LOL....We had so many good times together...I'll have to send you the pictures.....Sarina was such a free spirted person....We where so happy that our baby girls almost had the same names...She was always there when I had quesitons about on Baby stuff...I know how much she spoild that daughter of hers...I hope she always knows to never be scared of who you are and to always reach for the stars cause her mama is looking down on her...She can do anything she puts her heart wants...So Camille Be Strong....She will always be here....I know it hurts....She would want you to be cause she was a strong girl...Just needed help with the problems we all have to face in life and the anti-depressans did not help...I was so sad ....Cause I lost my best friend and my sister...To hear that we lost such a great person...and not being able to say I loved her and bey...still kills me my little sassy...I LOVE YOU SO MUCH....GOD LOVES YOU...AND ...YOUR ALWAYS IN MY PRAYERS...
                                      lOVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER
P.S I call your mom now and then to let her know you live in her and always will 
Nancy God bless you! June 2, 2008
I am so sorry about your precious daughter! My prayers are with you and your granddaughter! May the Lord bless you and give you comfort!

I know a group that is fighting the drug co, it is called the lady in charge of this group is Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, she wrote a book called, "Prozac Panacea or Pandora". It is a very informative book. God bless you, Nancy
barbara grieving parent May 29, 2008
Camille, First let me offer condolences. I am so very sad. Your daughter and my daughter they make me want to fight and be strong for them. I do know what you are going through. It is the most painful of times. We lost our child this February. We blame the doctors. It only took 33 days for them to prescribe all the medicine and then mess around and take her off it. She was gone in a couple days after discontinuing one of them. It is just horrible. These drugs are killing young, accomplished adults. Our child had never been sick a day. Never took medicines. We live in a different state and our daughter was in graduate school in a different state. Doctors are unwilling to give medical records. I want to destroy them for what this has done. I am furious to read about one more needless death and to tell another parent I feel the same hurt. We must be strong for our daughters.
Loria's Mom Sarina & Isabella Photos May 17, 2008

My fave pics are the ones of Sarina & Isabella snuggling next to each other ... you can see the pride and motherly love written all over Sarina's beautiful face!


I believe that we love the way we are "taught" to love.  As I look at Sarina's love for her child, I know that Sarina was raised with lots of love from her family.


May each of you be comforted by the precious memories of Sarina you hold close to your hearts.


I promise to NEVER forget that Sarina LIVED.  Sending lots of warm {{{ hugs }}} of compassion to each to you.



Susan, Loria's Mom

Loria's Mom In Loving Memory of Loria Susan Caulder May 15, 2008

Please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of your beautiful daughter.


May you be comforted by the precious memories of Sarina you hold close to your heart.



Susan, Loria's Mom

Corrie Thinking of you all! May 3, 2008

Hi Camille (MAMA),

  I am so so happy I found this site. I am so sorry for what you and the family is

going through! I talked with Camille the day after and still can't beleive this

happend! I have heartache constantly remembering Sarina! Camille, Mercedes and myself used to babysit Sarina when she was 9 years old. We loved it and Sarina did too! She would look up to us as the big sisters and want to be like us so much! I miss Sarina and her beautiful smile !!!! Love and miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Mike Patrick Condolence February 28, 2008

I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure you don't remember me, but I knew you when you were a young girl. I lived on Hilton Ave., and I dated your cousin Gina. I remember you as being a beautiful, strong, and caring person. From the photos, it appears that Sarina was like her mother. I can see in her eyes that she had a good heart, and a loving soul. I'm sure she didn't fully realize the magnitude of the pain this has caused you.  I know that nothing I write will do anything to ease that pain, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that your daughter is no longer hurting. Sarina is with God, and is in the presence of the ultimate source of love, joy, and comfort. You don't have to worry about her anymore, because her pain and sorrow has been taken away. If there's any solace to be found, it's in knowing that you will see her again, and that this life is but a brief moment. Remember; Sarina was sent to you by God. She was, and still is a gift. We are all just stewards of the gifts God gives us, and our children ultimately belong to Him. The memories you have of her, and the moments you shared together can never be taken away.

My prayers are with you and your family.

John Beard May We All Band Together January 29, 2008



Six months ago I lost my beloved son Daniel to this horrific fact as he was prescribed a cocktail of these drugs by a navy flight surgeon and to date I am unable to secure the medical records for this treatment as they seem to have "mysteriously" disappeared and I WILL DO ANYTHING to STOP this pain from being felt by any other parents, and his voice SHALL be heard to stop this insanity from happening to others so help me God!!

I just signed your petition and need you to contact me via my email address so that I can do whatever is necessary to help stop this madness!!

I send you peace, light and love,

John Beard

Tamara Richardson CCHR Carolinas January 25, 2008

I am so sorry for you loss. We see the life-robbing effects of psych drugs has on family and loved ones. The fact psychiatrists prescribe drugs in the name of help and in reality there are no medical tests (no blood tests, no x-rays, nothing) that expose any of these made-up and "voted" on mental diseases. So why all this drugging when the drugs actually injure or kill?! That is what every American should be asking. This is truely an outrage.


Your daughter seemed like a beautiful person. Let others know. Do not let her life be in vain. Love the site you created. Very touching, lovely.


Much love, Tamara Richardson

CCHR Carolina's Chapter -

Someone Who Cares With Love January 24, 2008
Sarina It is almost yours and Isabella's birthday and your momma is so sad that you are not here to celebrate with her. Please be with her and let her know that you are still around. She loves and misses you so much, your Nana also. Your momma is doing so much so that this doesn't happen to anybody else. Give her the strength she needs to carry and in this life.
Tina Cattani Therapy, not drugs. Please press on. January 23, 2008

Dearest Camille:


Words can never comfort you enough. I am so sorry for your loss. Please keep fighting.  We have to bring this to national and worldwide attention. I took my life at the hands of Prozac. I was found, and brought back to life by the doctors, one of the few.  Mine was not a suicide attempt. It was not a cry for help. I wanted out. I literally tried to beat the doctor up when I realized someone had found me and they brought me back to life.  The doctor came to visit me when I woke up and I jumped out of my bed in a violent rage grabbing him and beating on him and yelling at him, "Who are you to decide if I live or die. It was not your decision. How could you do this!"  I was tackled by security guards and injected and placed in a mental hospital.  I was given every drug under the sun and released like that. I was back in the mental hospital in less than two weeks from overdosing on Ambien. I believe Prozac was a huge factor in all of this. I got off the drugs and got the behavioral therapy I needed. My therapist taught me how to rethink, set boundaries, live.  It can all be done without drugs.  We want new drugs for the mentally ill with no suicidel side effects.  No more suicidel drugs and no more prescribing Antidepressants as common.  We want medical protocol.  No GP should be prescribing this medicine. Only psy doctors and only once they meet the medical protocol which should be teaching them how to rethink, set boundaries, change their lifestyles etc.  There are medications out there that can be used as well that do not have these side effects.  They have been around for years.  Why are you prescribing medications that are killing us?  We are making a stand.  I am with you all the way Camille.  I am stable now and have a good life with none of these drugs.  I am against any Antidepressant with a side effect of suicide and against Antidepressants with majore cardiac, diabetes, etc. side effects as well. Make new drugs for the mentally ill.  And for those that are just having boo rattling moments teach them behaioral therapy, to rethink, to set boundaries.  Hangs on therapy, not drugs. Support groups, not drugs. Sponsors, not drugs.  And our healthcare system needs to change also so they can afford the therapy they need. This is my letter to help Camille in her quest for justice. I will do whatever I can for you. I pray dear Lord that you would bring all darkness to light. I pray that you would pave the way and that you would set your warrior angels out in front of us to fight, guide, guard and protect us in this mission for justice. In this mission for life. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Amy Philo Your efforts will make a difference January 21, 2008
Time will not take away the pain of Sarina's death but your work to prevent others from dying will give you hope and meaning. You are doing what you can to help others and for that you are to be commended. Nobody should have to suffer what you are going through. Thank you for your hard work and for enduring this pain so that you can help others. I took Zoloft and it made me suicidal and homicidal. Don't let anyone try to convince you that the drugs are good in any way because they are not and you have the support of many survivors. Our voices are being heard because of you.




Dear Camille, Please know how sorry I am. My brother took his life one year ago. The pain is very heavy. Some days I don't know how I can go on. Many days it is baby steps. I know, though, he would want me too. Please let me hear from you. I care and you are welcome to lean on me. May you find a moment of peace. With love, Sherlyn
Gina G. Nielsen May Sarina Rest In Peace December 31, 2007

Sarina is a beautiful young lady, I'm sure her heart was just as beautiful. She, like my Son is "Forever 21". 


May she continue to bring you hope & strength to continue your journey for helping others. Remember she's sitting on your shoulder and alive in your heart. Our children will get us through it somehow, moment by moment, memory by memory. 


May God Bless You and Yours.  


-Gina G. Nielsen


Mom Of Dustin C. Parker

09-29-1985 - 10-30-2006 

Patty J Allen's Mom December 27, 2007

Thank you for visiting Allen's site and writing and letting me know about Sarina's. I am so sorry that your beautiful daughter ended her life. A parent should not have to bury their child.

I understand when you say that you died with her. We continue to breath, but we are not the same people that  we once were.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Erica Jade Sarina is an Angel December 22, 2007
Daisy Condolence December 18, 2007
You are definitely not alone. My daughter-in-law, age 27, was addicted to prescription drugs. She died in her sleep leaving behind a beautiful 3 year old girl. Autumn (my daughter-in-law) was full of life but had bouts of depression and anxiety. According to her doctor she had some back problems (not according to her autopsy report) so the doctor prescribed Oxy-Codene for pain. Then Xanax, Ambien, Percoset, and Soma. Obviously she became addicted. She was arrested for prescription fraud, the doctor had given her a prescription pad signed so she used it. The pharmacy became wise and contacted the police. She spent 3 months in jail. When she got out she was not allowed to visit her daughter until she went through rehab. She refused to go but instead moved back with her mother. Her mother believing that she was all right took her to another doctor and again she was prescribed the above junk. She died in her sleep two weeks after being at her mother's. Her mother found her in the morning dead. To this day 5 years later, her mother has had bouts of depression, anxiety and severe loss issues. She blames herself. I have raised our grandaughter, and told her about all the wonderful things her mother was. She knows what happened. She is a bright and happy 8 year old, but worries that the same might happen to her. The moral of this story is that the original doctor was arrested, and charged with 6 counts of homicide and sentenced to life in jail. This won't bring Autumn back but it does put an end to this doctor's greed. You see, she profited from the prescriptions by using these medications with her patients...prescription kick-backs. I understand your loss, it is difficult, but you have a beautiful angel and so do I, no one and nothing can take that away. God Bless you.
Monique Condolence December 18, 2007
Dear Camille, I am so very deeply sorry for your loss. I don't have the words to say just how deeply sorry I am, but I have chills that have filled every ounce of my body at this moment and I pray to God that you are most comforted by the most loving memories of Sarina. I would like to write more about her experience with the medical industry, but I realize now is NOT the time but I will write more about my own close call with the Psych system (just last year) at a later (but soon) date. I've never taken drugs and through the grace of God's love and protection was able to come out 'unscathed' by both future tortures and psychiatric drugs... I believe God had an Angel watching over me during the 3-4 days of confinement so that I could come out and tell my story to the world and to fight for justice and protection and to abolish this killing industry of despicable so called Psychiatry. It's killing our children and its killing their futures. I fought with wit and every ounce of my blood when I was locked up...but was very cautious of what to do and say verses not. Everyone had a story to tell, and it was a shame to see so many innocent lives being taken and wasted at this facility. I have lived to tell my story and I will join you in making a profound impact. Again, I am so sorry for your loss. I support your mission 100% and more. God bless you and your precious memories of your precious Princess Sarina. She is in heaven, at the other side a life and in a very peaceful place surrounded and filled with God's love and shining down on the world as a beacon of light. With my deepest condolences, God bless you always, Love & light, Monique
Passer by Condolence December 5, 2007
I didn't know Sarina, nor do I know her family. I visit a friend of mine on this web site from time to time. Sarina's picture popped up on the sites homepage where the pictures turn like pages in a book titled "Recent Memorials." She looks so beautiful in her lead picture, it instantly broke my heart. I couldn't help but click and visit her site. I read the story of her death and cried for her and for her family. Since then, I feel drawn to her page. I too suffer from panic attacks. They began when I turned 21. I am now 23. I was prescribed two medications and they have helped me to manage the attacks. I do agree with your fight though. I wasn't informed that something like this could happen to me. I was given a brochure with pictures of smiling faces and new beginings. I trusted in a doctor. Thank God I didn't experience the side effects or I could have very well been in the same position as she. I feel compelled to tell you Sarina's life stories, memories, and condolences from her family have inspired me tremendously to not take life for granted. Lately when I feel stressed about things, I take a breath and step back, Sarina comes to my mind. It's crazy but I feel as though she found me and is an Angel that helps me appreciate my life and my family through my hard times. I am so sorry that you must endure the pain of losing her. My heart breaks for her baby girl is so many ways. Most of all, my heart breaks for her because I can relate. I don't know what she went through to make her so stressed, but I know the fear and pain of panic attacks. I hurt for the happiness she could of had in life when she got through the hard times. I thank her for helping me through, and her mother for telling her story and fighting for young girls like us.
Annonymous Sweet Sweet Spirit November 30, 2007



I had only met Sarina recently.  When I met her she had Isabella with her.  Their relationship was obviously very close, I remember her saying to  Isabella when they were leaving , "Come on beautiful." Though I only knew her for a short period of time, I can not begin to tell you how she has changed my life. I take anti-depressents and other medication for depression and have often continplated suicide. After reading her story, knowing your mission in support of Sarinas voice being heard and seeing all that you and your family have gone thru as a result of your loss, I would be honored to sign the petition.  I have a new committment to life

and will be researching the medications I am on to ensure my family is not left with such grief.  God Bless all of you !

Georgetta Renee Carlson My prayers are with you all November 30, 2007

I would like to offer my deepest sympathy to you and your family for the loss of your beautiful daughter. As a mother myself I could not even imagine the pain that you all must be going through.The pictures really capture her beauty and her baby girl (bless her heart looks just like her) please accept my condolences. God be with you and your family. if there is ever anything that I can do please do not hesitate to contact me

God bless



Anne Payne-Reeves Supporting You November 30, 2007


I don't know you, but I heard about your daughter through Sean Remington requesting prayers for you.  I looked at her pictures and her radiant smile and she broke my heart....such a beautiful girl, so full of life.

Don't give up your fight.  Sarina's legacy may save another young life of promise and what a gift to the world she was, and will be.

You and your family are in our thoughts.

Anne and Joe in Oklahoma

moving to Santa Fe

Jenna Herbst May you not feel alone November 30, 2007

Dear Camille,


I did not know you or your daughter, but I feel so sorry that this has happened. I strangely have also been affected by these antidepressants. So I am glad that you are doing this petition. May you be held by all the love of the universe, all that is good in the world.


Much Love,



Heidi Swindle Beautiful Smiles November 29, 2007

Dear Cuoco Family,

I also lost my sister to "medication."  I fully encourage your fight to end careless prescriptions by people who cannot really help.  My sister had a beautiful smile just like Sarina, I wish I could see it in truth again.

Anything you need to push forward with your fight against the pharmaceutical industry please let me know, I am glad to see someone else is also taking action.

With love and empathy,


Dawn Swope You Must Be Strong November 29, 2007

Camille and family,

In your time of great despair you will be called upon by your family and God to be strong and have faith.  You will just want to be alone, but you are not alone.  Coping will be hard for you and your family.  You may experience severe stress and even psychological pain but you can not allow it to take over you life. Instead you will need to deal with your loss in a constructive way so not to forget those “who can hold you close in your time of need”.

It may be helpful to research “grief after suicide”.  Your grief is intensified because the death was a suicide and your child. The healing process will be painful and often seems unnaturally slow.

Understanding your emotions, as well as learning something about suicide in general, may ease your grief.  As you look for answers and begin to understand suicide you will also need to deal with your feelings of shock, anger and guilt.  Just as you need emotional, non-judge mental support from someone close to you, your children need your support at this time.


Ask for help from church clergy, giving friends, family members, or a counseling service.  There are web sites for understanding suicide and grief after suicide.  When you feel you need it; you can share your thought and emotions here:    

You can't expect to forget, but you will be able to cope. 

This link may help:

Gods blessings are with you and your family, Sarina is in Gods hands now.

Dawn Swope,  Missouri



M. Mock Condolence November 29, 2007
I am so sorry! I did not know this happened. I had panic attacks and anxiety problems when I was in my 20's. I was prescribed impramine at first and my psychiatrist told me it could get worse before it got better. This was before they had come out with paxil. The symptoms did get worse. I guess I was one of the lucky one's though. I ended up getting committed to an inpatient psych facility until the symptoms were under control. It was a horrible experience. I think if I had been living alone I may have had a worse outcome. I am so sorry Camille!
Linda Dionisio Condolence November 28, 2007

I just visited your site. I want to tell you how terribly sorry I am and please know that I truly understand your sorrow and pain. I know it quite intimately because my only son, Joseph completed suicide on May 9, 2005 at the age of 23 years old.

I know that saying that has said it all. That being said, there's really no more that I can say. I know that you completely understand.

My son was on about 4 to 5 different medications at the time of his suicide. Joseph suffered from mental illness and was given many different diagnosis' throught the 8 years when his illness first appeared.

I am attaching the address for his website. Joe's sister, Linnie, created for him as well as for us. Linnie and I miss him more than words can ever explain.

Could you link Josephs' site to your site so others will know that he was here and he mattered and that I, his mom, join  you in your fight. A fight in memory of our dear children and a fight to stop the use of these awful medications.

Thank you,

Linda  Dionisio

Mercedes Duran Condolence November 28, 2007
Hi Mom
    I just wanted to tell you that I think of you every day - and i think of Sarina constantly throughout the day. You have always been one of the most amazing women I have ever known, and your strength during this inconsolable and tragic time only makes me have an even greater love, admiration and respect for you, as a person - but mostly as a mother. I hope and pray to god that i can be even half the mother that you are. you were there for me during the most crucial years of my life and I will always consider you my Mom - you gave me love and taught me how to be a young lady, when my dad didn't know how to and Geneva didn't care to. You let me be part of your home and your family, and i gained some brothers and sisters that i will always love as my own - I love Camille so much, she is the best friend and sister anybody could ever have. 
    I have known Sarina since she was eight and I still can't believe that this has really happened - and i want to help you make sure that everyone knows her name and her story. Please let me know if I can ever do anything to help you - ANYTHING. Weather it be watching the boys for you when you need a day to fall apart by yourself - or if you need me to pass out fliers to get the word out or walk around with a petition or whatever it may be - i want to be part of your crusade!
    I love you so much and I'm so sorry for your pain and loss - you are always on my mind and in my prayers - and I am always here for you!
Love Mercedes
Mark Verslues Condolence November 28, 2007
Dear Camille, I can't imagine the pain and suffering you are going through right now. It was a shock to me to hear today that Sarina is no longer with us. In the few months that I got to know her, she made a lasting impression on me. She had an enourmous heart and she loved you and Isabella very much. If you ever need anything or just somebody to talk to, you can call or email me at any time, I hope I can help ease your pain. You have my number. Like I said before I don't know the pain you are feeling right now but you haven't completly lost Sarina. She lives in Isabella and your other children. Always remember that God loves you (i know it's extremely hard in times like this). There's a little girl that has the same smile as Sarina that needs you as much as you need your baby back. Be strong and God bless your family. You all will be in my thoughts and prayers for the months and years to come. I will never forget Sarina and that smile she wore
Lene Jensen Condolence November 28, 2007
Dear Camille
Sorry to hear about your loss.I would like to sign the petition, but I am unable to do so, maybe because I live in Denmark.
I am very interested in everything that have to do with SSRI, an their side effects.
I am a Reg. Nurse and am currently working in a special hospital ward where i don`t have anything to do with antidepressants.
I am also trying to tell everyone how dangerous this medication can be, it can be hard sometimes, but I`m not giving up. And your sad story helps me to spread the message of the danger of SSRI.
Wish you and your family the best.
                            Sincerly              Lene Jensen
Saul Condolence November 28, 2007
I am touched and saddened by your loss. i do not know who you are but feel like crying. i will pray for you and Serina and all those that have been pained for this unneeded loss. may God wrap his wings around you and bring somthing powerfully good from this somehow.
James Garcia Condolence November 28, 2007
Hello there Camille,
     I was talking with a business associate of mine and he was telling me about what happened with your daughter and I just wanted to give you my condolences.  I am very sorry for your loss and I will be praying for you and your family.  If ever you need anything or need to talk just let me know.  May god bless you I know how ruff it can be I lost my father recently.
Linda Dionision Condolence November 27, 2007
Your Brother Garrett A Poem For My Sister November 27, 2007
Sarina had so much pepole that love her and god new that she had so much pain in life and god said come come with me so you will be out of pain and you will be happy and he new that everyone wood miss her but he new what was best for her, and she said yes I will and she new that the holl familly miss her.     I wont you to now that I love you and I always love you forever and ever.
and i will never foget you because i love you no mater what happens i will always love you.
your were the best sister and you will always be and i mss you so much, and its hard to get through this its so hard for us and my life fells emtey.  i just fell sad so much because i miss you so much.
i mean i had vison of me as a teennager and you driving me to the mall you and me hagin out at the mall and me and shane skatbording.
i hav a vison with all of my brothers and sisters.
i love you so much your so importent to me and you will always be because your my sister no mater were i am because your in my hart and your not just in my hart your in my love and you will always be in my hart your the most specail thing in my life right now.
all the things youv tot me and i love that what you have done for me for all this yers youv loved me you took care of me and i love you and i what you to now that forever and ever because i love you and i dont now maney times i can say it because i love you and i am never what you to never ever never what you to forget that.
Olivia Baddeley Condolence November 27, 2007
I got your email this morning and I will sign that petition and pass
it along to everyone I know. My friend had also attempted suicide
after being prescribed pills which were meant to make her depression
cease. Fortunately, she was not successful in her attempt.
I hope you find peace in your life. I can't imagine losing a child.
Your daughter was very beautiful.
Two years ago, my fiancee passed away unexpectedly. The first thing
that came to my mind was what his parents would have to face and
endure once they found out what had happened. That was the worst
feeling for me.
What has brought me comfort since, was my African Grey Parrot, who
began to say, "I see my dad!!" after Jake died. She constantly reminds
me that he is still watching over us, protecting us. She used to say,
"i love my dad!": and now she tells me how she sees him, usually every
morning. When I ask her what her dad says, she replies, "I love my
mom!" If you have an animal around, I would pay very close attention
to the pet, because they will let you know when and how often your
daughter is around you. That truly has been the main source of my
comfort, hearing my parrot say, "I see my dad! I see my dead boy!".
Then I can say, "Hi jake! ", and know he is always near me. Also,
knowing that I have a very special angel protecting me.
I wish you luck in your mission and hope you find peace.
Take care,
Olivia Baddeley
Harold Ko Mr November 27, 2007

Dear Camille


As a father, I feel your grief thousands of miles away.  I can't agree more that these anti-depressants should be banned and, unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg given the overall disease mongering approach conventional medicine is taking.  I turned to homeopathy 18 years ago after my father was "murdered" by the "cut, burn and posion" approach of cancer treatments by conventional medicine.  As a result, not only my own health improved, I also manage to raise a remarkably healthy daughter - drug free.  Sarina's life has touched you and many others so that the world can change for the better.  Please keep up your good work.  God Bless you and family.


Best regards

Harold Ko, Hong Kong

Diana Traver Healing November 26, 2007

Camilla and Family,


You have my deepest condolences; my heart goes out to you all.  I wish I could have shared this with Sarina.  So instead I share it with you hoping that it will benefit you or others somehow.  I know of an alternative therapy that works for depression and anxiety and tons of other problems.  You can get the therapy technique for free at  Or you can go to and sign up for a monthly fee and she does the techniques with you.   I was praying to be made whole again and God led me first to Carol Tuttle & she has helped me heal from my low self esteem, sexual abuse issues, and other issues I had.  She is a Master Energy Therapist.   I believe her to be, a true Healer.  No drugs involved.  I love you & pray for your healing, your sister in spirit Diana  
Jerry Herring condolences November 26, 2007
I am very sorry for you loss. I signed the petition.  My prayers and condolences to you and your family. Hang in there, camille. God Bless
Glenna Todovich Condolence November 26, 2007
Dear Camille,

I just went to your daughter's website and unbelieveably, my son died
the EXACT same way.  SO many things you say remind me of myself. Believe
me when I tell you I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL. I am so sorry, the hurt
is so fresh.  My son tried to reach me the day he died but I never
received the call on my cell phone.  PLEASE don't feel guilty.  He used
to tell me he wanted the pain to stop, he even talked about suicide like
we talk about going to work.  I feel there was so much I could have or
should have done but.... they are with GOD now and I guess he wanted
them home and they are pain free.  WE are the ones forever in pain for
our great loss.  Please know I am here if you ever need to talk.  I will
write more later. God Bless you and yours.

Glenna L. Todovich
Mom of Aaron David Todovich

Debra White Condolence November 26, 2007
I can only imagine what you are going through.... My prayers are with your family....
Ryan Turner Condolence November 26, 2007
Dear Camille,

I was shocked and deeply saddened to get your email about Sarina's
death. While I did not have the chance to spend as much time with her
as I would have liked, I always considered myself truly privileged to
know Sarina. She was an fantastic person in countless ways: her
sparkling conversation, her positive attitude, her resilience in the
face of personal hardship, her beauty--to name only a few. She had
such amazing self-control and toughness that she never let me glimpse
anything but her cheerful, positive face (even when she was talking
about painful subjects), and that is how I will always remember her.
Sarina brought a lot of joy to this world, and I'm so sorry it didn't
give back her fair share.

Please accept my very deepest condolences and know that both you and
Sarina are in my thoughts and my prayers.

Stephanie Pain November 26, 2007
You lost a beautiful piece of your family and it will take time to heal but your crusade is something so special because not many people know the pain that she was feeling with her attacks. I have anxiety attacks myself and doctors are so quick to just prescribe meds for anything they will not realize their wrong doings until they lose someone close to them. I pray for you guys and know the lord will be blessing you.
Robert Palomino Condolence November 26, 2007

I am truly sorry for your loss. I'm sure she is in a great place.
My condolences to you and your family.
Rocky Palomino

Robert A. Palomino

Tony Farrell Condolence November 26, 2007

Hello Camille,


I am VERY sorry to hear about your daughter.  

My wife committed suicide in April of 2004.  

I was destroyed.  

I feel the worse part was the un-answered questions,

followed closely by the anger.  

It has taken a little while to recover, and all i can say is time

makes the pain a little less.  

best wishes. take care


George Lowes Condolence November 26, 2007

Camille, so very sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter. From what I have read over the years it is not the anti depressants but the change in the person who actually had been so depressed they could not even end their lives to actually improving to the point they have the will to end it all. This seems to happen more to young people. The answer seems to be to monitor those young people more closely as the work their way out of the depression. Sincerely, George Lowes

Marlane Gable Barton Condolence November 26, 2007
Oh honey, I am so very sorry for your loss.  I can’t even imagine what you must be going through.  Know that we are thinking of you and pray for all of you
Michael Pazoga Condolence November 26, 2007

Camille and Family,

Words can't express how extremely sorry I am to hear of the loss of your daughter Sarina. From my own experience, I think you are absolutely right about these anti-depressant drugs. I am not sure that these drugs ever helped anyone, but I am very sure they have destroyed a lot of lives, for the sake of profit for big drug companies. I don't think your daughter committed suicide... I think she was given poison disguised as medication. I will support you in your efforts regarding these drugs.  

Linda Activist/Advocate November 26, 2007

I am so sorry for your loss.  Your daughter is beautiful and you must fight the system that destroys young people, old people, anyone they can entrap in the "legal drug" charade.  Please make sure you do join Dr. Tracy's groups and also  These groups with their wonderul members be they survivors, significant others of suicide induced by Neuroleptics or SSRI's will connect with you and feel your pain as I do.  The "Dr's" get away with inducing suicide and as you read through Dr. Tracy's website: you will know these drugs must be stopped!




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